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JP-S57146264-A: Surface film of metallic parts for copying apparatus having electroconductivity and abrasion resistance patent, JP-S57146280-A: Fixing roller for electrophotographic copying machine patent, JP-S57148031-A: Maximum amount controller of fuel injection in distributor type fuel injection pump patent, JP-S57148456-A: Branch interface circuit with current compensating action patent, JP-S57148806-A: Dielectric porcelain composition patent, JP-S5714912-A: Flow rate control device patent, JP-S57150244-A: Connection control system of communication circuit patent, JP-S57151820-A: Suction device for engine patent, JP-S57151829-A: External diagnosis of switch device patent, JP-S571518-A: Manufacture of pipe member patent, JP-S57151986-A: Toner collector patent, JP-S57152360-A: Storage method for metal mold for centrifugal casting patent, JP-S57152807-A: Attachment for tillage patent, JP-S57152831-A: Desalting and irrigating method and apparatus patent, JP-S5715288-A: Semiconductor storage cell patent, JP-S57153296-A: Torus type nuclear fusion device patent, JP-S5715357-A: Manufacture of lead battery patent, JP-S57153782-A: Disposal of waste matter patent, JP-S57155176-A: Height regulator for two-wheel barrow patent, JP-S57155487-A: Heat insulating frame patent, JP-S57155560-A: Tray for copying of three-dimensional object patent, JP-S57156105-A: Cutting insert patent, JP-S57156359-A: Granular material water content adjustment and manufacture of hydraulic substance forming material from granular material patent, JP-S57156737-A: Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus of body cavity patent, JP-S57156858-A: Resin coated sand for castings patent, JP-S57157696-A: Processing system for encoding between frames patent, JP-S57159189-A: Picture transmission system patent, JP-S57159288-A: Method for reparative welding patent, JP-S57159564-A: Method of forming and atomizing latex and device used for said method patent, JP-S57160534-A: Cold forging method patent, JP-S57160758-A: Platform structure for superconducting magnetic floating system railway patent, JP-S57161964-A: Dot graph forming system patent, JP-S57162178-A: Magnetic bubble transferring pattern patent, JP-S57163428-A: Spin casting type fishing reel having double crank bearing holder patent, JP-S57164292-A: Boiling heat transfer surface patent, JP-S57164768-A: Toner charging system patent, JP-S57165261-A: Exposure automatic tregulator for photocomposing device patent, JP-S57165703-A: Measuring method for thickness of magnetic film patent, JP-S57165720-A: Sensor patent, JP-S57165897-A: Display unit patent, JP-S57166644-A: Data converting circuit patent, JP-S57167116-A: Production for composite magnetic head patent, JP-S57168071-A: Valve device for high pressure pump patent, JP-S57168384-A: Detecting method for shape of object patent, JP-S57168779-A: Sequencer for welding device patent, JP-S571687-A: Space parallel moving mechanism patent, JP-S57169526-A: Control circuit for heat exchanger patent, JP-S57169599-A: Mounting method for heat transfer tube patent, JP-S57171721-A: Production of carbon fiber patent, JP-S57174670-A: Cold storage material patent, JP-S57175240-A: Sensor device for detecting physical parameter in combustion chamber of internal combustion engine patent, JP-S57179519-A: Surveillance device of combustors of gas turbine patent, JP-S57179603-A: Master tooth profile used for measuring gear lead patent, JP-S57179647-A: Light source apparatus for atomic absorption analysis patent, JP-S57180897-A: Device for firing discharge lamp patent, JP-S57181137-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S57181657-A: Modification of quality of powdery food patent, JP-S57181736-A: Forging method patent, JP-S57182079-A: Method of adjusting surface of molten metal in crucible patent, JP-S57183195-A: Regenerating circuit for color synchronizing signal patent, JP-S57183779-A: 5-substituted pgi2 derivative and manufacture patent, JP-S57183942-A: Assembled body of vessel and cover patent, JP-S57184265-A: Piezoelectric ceramic patent, JP-S57184476-A: Coating method for inner surface of pipe of pipe line patent, JP-S57185202-A: Agricultural and horticultural fungicide patent, JP-S57185267-A: 5-aminomethyl-2,3-dihydro-2-oxo-1h-imidazole- 4-carboxylic acid derivative patent, JP-S57186182-A: Measuring method for low temperature characteristics of battery patent, JP-S57186257-A: Method for braking tape reel patent, JP-S57186894-A: Time division channel patent, JP-S57187147-A: Cooling drum for production of amorphous or fine crystalline metal patent, JP-S57187408-A: Construction of traffic dividing line patent, JP-S57188160-A: Decentralized managing loop transmission system patent, JP-S57188621-A: Temperature controlling method of continuous heat treatment furnace patent, JP-S57189899-A: Plotter device patent, JP-S57190555-A: Anti-carcarous tissue for transplantation patent, JP-S57191496-A: Impeller for use in fan and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S57192141-A: Level detecting circuit patent, JP-S57192516-A: Mirror apparatus patent, JP-S57193523-A: Heat stabilization of acrylonitrile copolymer fiber patent, JP-S57193969-A: Protection device patent, JP-S57194160-A: Dispersion type operation control system patent, JP-S57194708-A: Riding type rice planter planting four ridges patent, JP-S57195617-A: Ultrasonic welding method patent, JP-S57197111-A: Partition device for molding die patent, JP-S57198509-A: Automatic bias adjusting device for tape recorder patent, JP-S57199022-A: Static reactive power compensating device patent, JP-S57199111-A: Low voltage dc large current switching device patent, JP-S57199876-A: Artificial leather with excellent surface effect and production thereof patent, JP-S57200038-A: Coupler forming magenta dye image patent, JP-S5720015-A: High-pass filter patent, JP-S57200388-A: Dihalogen acetamide, manufacture and herbicide containing acetanilide as herbicidal component and same as antagonist patent, JP-S57201348-A: Superheterodyne receiver patent, JP-S57201993-A: Signal transmission system patent, JP-S57202943-A: Manufacture of casting mold patent, JP-S5720314-A: Production of transparent resin article patent, JP-S5720319-A: Production of elongated tape from magnetic substance-removed magnetic tape patent, JP-S57203330-A: Decimal-to-binary converting circuit patent, JP-S57203591-A: Heat-sensitive recording material patent, JP-S57205294-A: Speed controller for underwater travelling body patent, JP-S57205561-A: Sock fabric cutting and turning apparatus in double cylinder sock knitting machine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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